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1st Grade Lessons and Activities

1st Grade SBRC 'Status of the Class' Checklist for 2010-2011

1st Quarter

Growing by the River

2nd Quarter

Life by the River  


3rd Quarter

The River is Our Friend 


4th Quarter

Taking Care of Our River    

  • Goods and Services
  • Recycling
  • River Clean-Up


Calendar Math Notebook

(New!! Thanks to everyone for sharing calendar documents)

100's Chart

Tally Marks

Weather Graph


Daily Pattern


Coin Bag

Place Value Dominoes

Domino Addition

Skip Count 2

Skip Count 5



Domino Subtraction



First Grade Story Questions

Week 1

Max the Cat


Week 2 Quack
Week 3 What Does Pig Do?
Week 4 The Path on the Map
Week 5 Ships
Week 6 One Good Pup
Week 7 The Bug Bath
Week 8 Splash!
Week 9 What Bug Is It?
Week 10 A Vet
Week 11 Stan's Stunt
Week 12 Greg's Mask
Week 13 Sam's Song
Week 14 Snakes
Week 16 Let's Camp Out
Week 17 The Shopping List
Week 19 Yasmin's Ducks
Week 20 The Knee-High Man
Week 21 Johnny Appleseed
Week 22 Ring! Ring! Ring! Put Out the Fire!
Week 23 Seven Sillies
Week 24 Shrinking Mouse
Week 25 You Can't Smell a Flower with Your EAR!
Week 26 Owl and the Moon
Week 27 The Night Animals
Week 28 A Friend for Little Bear
Week 29 New Shoes for Silvia
Week 30 The Story of a Blue Bird
Week 31 Young Amelia Earhart
Week 32 On the Go!




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