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1st Grade



2012~2013 K-5 MCSD Standards-Based Report Card Resources


CCGPS 1st Grade ELA Wiki  (Units found here) NEW!

CCGPS 1st Grade Mathematics Educator Forum Wiki

CCGPS K-5 Mathematics Standards

CCGPS Unit Math Webinars

Rubicon Atlas Curriculum Mapping Link

Georgia Common Core Unit Frameworks

Language Arts           Math  Science  Social Studies

CCGPS ELA Standards

CCGPS Kid-Friendly Standards

First Grade Teacher Guidance

First Grade Curriculum Map

GA DOE ELA Wiki For All Units

CCGPS Kid-Friendly Math Standards 

CCGPS Math – Student Monitoring Sheet

CCGPS Math 1 Grade Level Overview

Curriculum Map ~ Created by Shanna Johnson

1st Grade Vocab Cards A-L

1st Grade Vocab Cards M-Z

First Grade At-A Glance Map

  Unit 1 – Creating Routines Using Data

Unit 2 – Developing Base Ten Number Sense

Unit 3 – Understanding Shapes and Fractions

Unit 4 – Sorting, Comparing, and Ordering

Unit 5 – Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Unit 6 – Understanding Place Value

1st Grade Science Standards 

1st GPS Kid Friendly Science Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

1st Grade Curriculum Map

Unit 1 – Fall (Weather and Magnets)

Unit 2 – Winter (Weather and Water)

Unit 3 – Spring (Weather, Plants & Animals)

Unit 4 – Summer (Weather, Light & Sound)

1st Grade Social Studies Standards 

1st GPS Kid Friendly Social Studies Standards from Washington-Wilkes Primary

1st Grade Curriculum Map 

Unit 1 – Using Connecting Themes in First Grade

Unit 2 – Our National Heritage

Unit 3 – A Changing Country

Unit 4 – Inventors in the United States

Unit 5 – Community Helpers

Unit 6 – We Are Alike, We Are Different

Historical Figures Lessons

Mrs Mumpower Old Website Lessons / Pictures - Quarter 1Quater 2Quater 3Quater 4

Correlation of Scholastic Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus Texts to Common Core K-5

Correlation of Scholastic Guided Reading Fiction Focus Texts to Common Core K-5

Correlation of Scholastic Guided Reading Content Area Texts to Common Core K-5

Correlation of Scholastic Guided Reading Text Types to Common Core K-5


Resources Documents Websites
 Sight Word PowerPointMap Game PowerPoint

 Q1 1st Standards Checklist

The Star Spangled Banner

LESSON PLAN for Contractions ABC Order


LESSON PLAN for Making Words

Nouns and Verbs Lesson Plan

Adjectives Lesson Plan

Writer’s Notebook cover

My Favorite Day book cover

LESSON PLAN for Calendar

Fact Families Lesson Plan

Number Comparison Lesson Plan

Greater Than Less Than

Addition and Subtraction Words

Wipe Out! Game Board

Our Pumpkin Glyphs

People In America Cover

Tall Tales template

Folk Tale Intro Lesson Plan

Seasons Flow Map



 Patriotic Songs

Patriotic Music

Enchanted Learning Geography

Folk Tale Links

Paul Bunyan

United Streaming

Maps, Where am I?

Understanding Maps

Earth A First Look

Finding Places on the Map

Maps and Globes

Find the Contraction

Davey Crockett

Lewis and Clark

John Henry

Johnny Appleseed

Tall Tales

Adjectives in the Desert

BBC What is Weather?Enchanted LearningWeather

Weather Wiz Kids


Cloud Types

ScholasticWeather Watch

Types of  Clouds

Accuweather School

PlanetPals Weather

Scholastic Weather Articles

Seasons Unit Test

Harriet Tubman

Underground Railroad

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Life


Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Maps

United Streaming

Clouds, Weather, and Life

Investigating Weather

William Bradford

Lewis and Clark

Harriet Tubman

Picture Dictionary

Adding/Subtracting Number Line

Holiday Facts and Fun: A Multicultural Christmas



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